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Pharma Educator is a Pharmacy Education Blog for a Professionals like Professor, Students and Individuals working in various Pharma Industries.  Pharmacy students from B Pharmacy and Pharm D can make use of this blog for their Exams as it contain topics from there PCI Syllabus belonging to Pathophysiology, Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics.

Non-pharma people can also be benefited by going through topics as they have given in an easy understanding way to know about diseases more. Here, is a place where blogger and Industrial peoples can share the vast knowledge on new discoveries in field of pharmacy by Guest Posting – on topics like drug developments and research.

Pharma Educator – Aim to educate and create a awareness in the masses regarding:

  1. Adverse effects, Drugs Interaction and Contraindications of drugs,
  2. Error in dispensing and Prescription handling,
  3. Usage of drugs during Pregnancy, Paediatrics and Geriatrics.
  4. Usage of the safe drug in case of Patient with Multiple drugs regimen,
  5. Management of Acute and Chronic toxicity of Drugs, Vitamins, Radiation and Toxins.
  6. Counseling of Patients on Healthy Eating and Lifestyle,
  7. Therapeutic drug Monitoring and Effective usage of drugs.
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