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Pathophysiology of Depression

Pathophysiology of Depression 

Pathophysiology of Depression:

Pathophysiology of Depression – Depression is a mental health disorder it is a mood disorder characterized by persistent low mood and feeling of sadness and loop of interest in day-to-day activities depression is persistent problem not a temporary the average length of depression episode is six to eight months.

Where is a brain disorder that affects whole body behaviour, mood, the way One things and the way one feels please stop please stop depression disorder affect one in four womens and one in in 10 months have a serious episode of depression during the lifetime depression is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide.


The womens are 70% more likely affected then mens experience depression during their life. Globally more than 350 million people of all ages suffer from depression. The age group between 15 to 44  are majorly depressed.

The symptoms of depression become more severe with age about 30% of people who are depressed try to attempt suicide. In 2007 suicide was the 10th leading cause of death in USA. About 52 60% of individual with life history of major depression have a history of one or more anxiety disorder.


The main cause for depression is stress. When the people aware of acute problems, they will be undergoing stress which discourage them. Under the stress there will be denying the problems, denying responsibilities, reacting aggressively. If problem reminds it will lead to depression.

Evidence suggest that there is lack of noradrenaline neuronal activity either due to noradrenaline depletion are lack of noradrenaline receptors in the brain. Dopamine deficiency cause of Parkinsonism, Dopamine excessiveness cause Schizophrenia.  Noradrenaline depression deficiency cause Depression.  Acetylcholine deficiency cause disease Alzheimer’s disease.

Signs and Symptoms of Depression:

Depression is characterized by number of common symptoms includes persistent sadness empty mood and feeling of hopelessness a person who is depressed also often feels guilty worthlessness and helplessness they no longer take interest our pleasure in hobbies and activities that he or she was enjoying they may include things like going out with friends are having sex with partner insomnia early morning awakening oversleep decreased energy fatigue you constant feeling of being slow down thought of committing suicide restlessness and irritability the persistent physical symptoms such as headache digestive disorder chronic pain which cannot be treated with traditional medicines which are the signs of depressive illness.

Types of Depression:

There are 5 subtypes of depression first major depression second this week depression third bipolar depression IV post natal depression V seasonal affective disorder first major depression is mild to severe episode lasting about 22 movixxx 2 to 4 weeks there is a trouble in sleep lack of interest in activities loss our weight gain having difficulty in concentration feeling of worthlessness and hopelessness and thoughts of committing suicide second dysthymic disorder it begins slowly and may not be able to pinpoint when the depression is started people with this Mia also experience major depressive episodes at sometimes in their life bipolar disorder it is a mental illness that can be affecting the people and Manik hai the moon is dramatically and rapidly changes in most cases bipolar disorder is also called as Manic depression where the person is optimistic and exaggerated feeling of well being Mandsaur overactive need very little sleep they are having plenty of energy but lack concentration with the process of committing suicide Postpartum depression the depression begin during first year of parenthood it is mild to severe contributing factors are are hormone disturbances in pregnancy birth and lactation physical exhaust from broken sleep loss of Independence financial pressure change in relationship with partner family and friends seasonal affective disorder essay depression is more common in the winter month as rain is affected by sunlight exposure the light fitting back the eye retina stimulates the brain to release mode and handling chemicals The Other characteristics of
Characteristics include eating more gaining weight excessive sleep and withdrawing from people diagnosis first step to treat depression is a physical examination by the physician physician will do number of blood test and other test rule out any other possibilities by tomorrow examination and bi interview the patient psychological evolution should be done a good Diagnostic evolution will include complete history of a symptom when they started how long it is last does they have any alcohol and drug abuse what are the thoughts of patience including the questions regarding their family matters and others the Diagnostic evaluation should include mental status examination and thought pattern extra.

Treatment of Depression:

The type of treatment will be depending upon outcome of evaluation there are variety of antidepressant medication France and psychotherapies that can be used in treatment of depressive disorders electroconvulsive therapy is useful particularly for those where depression is severe or life-threatening or who cannot take anti depression medications There are several types of antidepressants they include selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and try cyclic and monoamine oxidase inhibitors which are considered as a best treatment anti anxiety drugs are sedatives or not anti depressants side effects the most common side effects of tricyclic antidepressants are dry Maut constipation bladder problem sexual problem dizziness new new do antidepressants have different types of Side Effects like headache nausea nervousness Insomnia others antidepressant medicines must take regularly for 3 to 4 weeks before the full therapeutic effect is seen.

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