How to Study Pharmacology

How to Study Pharmacology

When the question comes that, How to Study Pharmacology? Here we are a right persons to give an answer because we are Pharma Educator(teachers) working with Department of Pharmacology from past few years.

What is Pharmacology?

Pharmacology is a branch of medicine sciences concerned with the uses of Medication, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic effects, and modes of action of drugs. Its a core subject in B Pharmacy, Pharm D and M Pharm (pharmacology). This is a subject that is useful for a student life long after studies. Even if, the person studied it is not working in a relevant field.

Tips for Easy Understanding and Learning of Pharmacology:

  1. Pharmacology contains classifications of drugs, that need to be perpare in table to read.

2.  When your writing a Pharmacology of any drugs in exam, spil your content in following headings

  • Introduction to drug – when introduced, structure, prototype drug if any and other specific details.
  • Mechanism of Action – In details
  • Pharmacokinetics of drugs – like route of administration, absorption, bioavailability, biological half life of a drug, nature of drug, percentage protein bounding ability, the volume of distribution, tissue penetration, metabolism by which organ and by which phase reactions, route of excretion.
  • Drug Interactions – like their either increase or decrese some parameters in presence of other drugs.
  • contraindications – like their might counter with some other medications.
  • Therapeutic Uses.

Why pharmacology is Easy?

Pharmacology of many can be easily remembered just by remembering their class characteristics, as the most of the drugs belong to the same class will have same mechanism of action, pharmacokinetics and other parameters.

Pharmacology is easy to uderstand if you have strong basis in your previously studied Pathophysiology subject in pharmacy course in 1st and 2nd years, due to Pharmacology generally comes in 3rd and 4th years of courses.

If you understand the nature of drug, mechanism of action and pharmacokinetic then you can easily write side effects, toxicity, interactions.

For Example: If a drug is having more lipophilic nature, high protein bounding ability and no proper metabolism the this sort of drugs remain in blood for long period and cause side effects and toxicities.

More lipohilic nature – more barriers corrsing ability – reach the brain, foetus, and in milk – not safe in pregnant and lactating mothers. This is how to study pharmacology by understanding it.

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